Colloquium global change on Wednesday 17.01.2018

On Wednesday, 17.01.2018 our speaker, Prof. Dr. Klaus Fischer, Institute for Integrated Natural Sciences, University Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz, will present a talk on “BIOLOGICAL RESPONSES TO CLIMATE CHANGE ”.

The talk will take place at 12 a.m, Noon. in seminar room LD Building C IV 266



Anthropogenic climate change poses substantial challenges to biodiversity conservation. Well-documented responses include phenological and range shifts, and declines in cold- but increases in warm-adapted species. On principle, all organisms possess adaptive mechanisms to respond to environmental changes, namely phenotypic plasticity, genetic adaptation, and movement (range shifts). However, such adaptive capacities will differ substantially between taxa, rendering some species winners but others losers of recent climate change. Thus, predicting how individual species or entire communities may respond to climate change is challenging. Highlights of the talk will be some research needs which are of crucial importance for enhancing the abilities to predict the fate of particular species and populations under ongoing climate change. This includes collating more data on the prospects and constraints of different adaptive mechanisms. Specifical focus will be drawn on variation in stress resistance and critical thermal limits.

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