SCZone – sustainable development Lecture today evening

This Wednesday, 31.1.2018, on 6:00 p.m. Dr. Atwa Atwa as representative from the Suez Canal Zone (SCZone) authority will hold a lecture at in the conference room C1 (blue entrance).

He will show us the global importance of the SCZone located around the Suez Canal and explain the development vision and masterplan concerning planning and implementing requirements for environental sustainability in this region. Furthermore he will present talk on the proposed and implemented activities concerning this process and explain the cooperation between the University Koblenz-Landau and the SCZone.

In 2014 the Egyptian government began to add a second passage next to the existing Suez Canal referring to it as the new Suez Canal. Within one year the mega project was realized allowing for more than doubled transportation volumes compared to the previous situation. Around the canal an area of 461 km sq. is declared to become a international hub for development by fostering buisness. This features multiple ports, industrial zones, urban development and agriculture on a big scale. The vision and masterplan defining the development feature clear goals towards the projects growth matching with the 2030 Programm for Egypt, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations and further equal treaties. In order to realize sustainable standards while undertaking a comparable effort a strong concept and policy and action is needed – which will be the subject of the featured talk.
Dr. Atwa has a background of strategic environmental management featuring multiple administrative and technical positions as he is the Environmental Advisor for the head of the Suez Canal Authority – H. E. Admiral Mameesh, Member of the United Nation Platform for sustainable development – preparing the UN Global Report on for Sustainable Development – Prototype – 2014t. His vita features multiple decades of work in the highest stages of the Egyptian Environmental Ministry and Environmental Agencies as well as on the international the level whith ACMEN, MSS, GEF and UNEP.

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