[DE/EN] Digitales Wintersemester 20/21

leaves hang on rope
Dear Uwis, dear first-year students

the first leaves have long since fallen from the trees, and slowly the lecture-free period is heading back towards the winter semester. To all those who are immersing themselves in studying for the first time this semester: Welcome to Landau, we are looking forward to meeting you! Read on for a short while and then have a look at our page for freshman.

As in the summer semester, many things will again take place digitally. Whether and how many classroom sessions will take place will unfortunately only be clarified at the beginning of the lecture as soon as the rooms have been planned and it remains to be seen what the new wave will bring. In order to stay networked with all newcomers, we have set up a new page to coordinate everything more clearly. This will also change and be extended in the course of time.

Of course this does not replace the contact on campus, at parties and other occasions in person. Our unsurpassed start into student life, also known as freshman trip, will in all likelihood not be offered this semester. However, we hope to be able to either make up for it in the spring or summer semester or at least replace it on an equal footing. Other dates such as our monthly UWI-regulars’ table, the Christmas party and above all a general meeting with an urgently needed new election (and the chance to join the FSV directly) will also change. More details will be announced in the course of time via the website, the university mailing list and other channels such as Facebook.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or problems, general or specific to student life in the digital semester, write to us!

We wish you a great start of the semester in November and a beautiful autumn in the Palatinate!

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