[DE/EN] Neues zur O-Woche

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Dear first-year students,

Welcome to Landau, we hope you enjoy the Palatinate autumn! Some of you might have already rummaged around with the offers of the university and the AStA. If not, read a little bit more and then have a look at our first-year page.

There will be a live chat especially for the Environmental Science Student Council tomorrow, Tuesday 27 October 2020 from 11 a.m. to ask questions. Some of us and Jun. Prof. Bundschuh as student advisor will be present.

Since the chat can quickly become confusing depending on the number of people, we ask you to behave appropriately. Before you ask a question, check our website to see if it has already been answered here. There is also a welcoming event in video form, which gives a short overview of the course.

Live chat: [Link]
Welcome video: [Link]

In addition, we have come up with a few digital offers for making contacts!
From now we have a WhatsApp group especially for first-time students, both for Bachelors and Masters. To access the site, you have to be registered and logged in. Normally the groups always form themselves, but this semester we have to help a little bit. So after joining, feel free to talk about anything and everything you want to know about the programme. The groups are all yours.

WhatsApp: [Link]

Furthermore, there is now a UWI Discord Server! You can chat, exchange files, ask questions, talk to each other via voice chat or do group work. We ourselves are quite open in the design of the server and are curious how it will develop. Feedback is always welcome!

Discord: [Link]

So if you have any questions and want to meet new people, drop by! Corona and digital events also help us to build a sense of community in the first semester.

We are very excited to meet you!
Your student representatives of the environmental sciences

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