[DE/EN] Winter-/ Erstsemester 21/22

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Dear Uwis, dear first-year students

autumn is slowly showing its face again and the semester break is heading towards the winter semester once more. To all those who are immersing themselves in studying for the first time this semester: Welcome to Landau, we are looking forward to meeting you! Read on for a short while and then have a look at our page for freshman.

In contrast to the summer semester 2021, the coming semester will be largely planned in attendance. How many attendance events will take place will unfortunately only become clear at the start of lectures as soon as the rooms have been planned and it becomes clear what we will have to deal with in the further course of time. In order to stay connected in general and especially with all newcomers, we have set up a new page last year to coordinate the whole thing more clearly. Please have a look there from time to time, if there are any news about it.

Of course, this does not replace the contact on campus, at parties and other opportunities to see each other in person. Our unsurpassed prelude to student life, also called Erstifahrt, we may be able to offer again this semester, but if then only delayed. More details will have to be found out with the regulations and the new election of the FSV. We hope to be able to make up for the cancelled trips or at least to replace them equally. Other dates: our monthly UWI regulars’ table will be able to take place again with the current situation, the Christmas party depends on the further course as well as the Erstifahrt. An urgently needed new election (and with it the chance to directly join the FSV) will take place after the start of the semester either at the end of October or at the beginning of November. More details will be announced via the website, the university mailing list and other channels like Facebook.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or problems, general or specific to student life in this still special semester, contact us!

We wish you a great start for the semester on October 25 and a beautiful fall in Palatine!

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