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Consultation hours (sorted by the first letter of your own surname) can be called up here.

The BAföG-Hitlist

The BAföG-Hitlist should give you hints which you should consider when applying for BAföG:

  1. Place the application in time, it needs at least 10 weeks processing time!
  2. Current account statement (both from your current account, your savings book and other savings deposits)
  3. Study certificate (extra shown for BAföG)
  4. After four semesters you have to provide proof of your performance. More information about this here. Watch out: BAföG is only paid up to and including the 7th semester. So take care of alternatives in time. Many banks offer cheap loans with a repayment break for students. Just ask!

Close-up poster exhibition

Every semester the company Close-up organizes an exhibition in our atrium. There you can buy posters at a low price.
You should not miss this! In addition, every semester at the beginning of the lecture period, a bookstall is set up in the atrium and towards the end of the semester a used stationery shop is located between lecture hall III (Aula) and the cafeteria.


The dean is the elected chairman of a faculty and heads the department of the university. He represents it externally and is responsible for faculty administration. Dean of the faculty 7 to which the Institute of Environmental Sciences belongs Prof. Dr. Klaus Schwenk. He always has an open ear for student problems.


A dissertation or doctoral thesis is a written scientific work for the purpose of obtaining a doctorate at a university.


A doctoral candidate or dissertation or doctoral student is an academic who aspires to the highest academic degree of the doctor. Usually this happens after the diploma, master’s or master’s degree or the state examination.


A lecturer (from Latin docere, to teach) is a person who teaches at an educational institution. In Baden-Württemberg, since the end of 2007, lecturer has been a term defined by higher education law that refers exclusively to university lecturers. Lecturers at German universities include above all professors, research assistants and lecturers.


At many universities, de-registration takes place automatically at the end of the semester if the course is considered to have been successfully completed or the semester fee has not been paid. The request for re-registration for the next semester is sent by e-mail to the university account, which contains the deadlines for payment of the student fee. Students who want to leave their university early, apply for de-registration at the Student Secretariat during the re-registration deadlines of the university. The granting of the de-registration presupposes that the student fulfils all obligations towards the University